About TV Premiere Alert

The story and the human behind TV Premiere Alert.

This is the first product I ever built by myself.😎

I'm not an engineer which makes the whole story pretty interesting.

👉 Read the whole story and the juicy details here.

Hey👋, I'm Tamas, I built TV Premiere Alert.

I’m a big TV show 📺 fan, watching series almost every night instead of sleeping.

I got swamped this year and I couldn’t keep up with the premiere dates of my favorite TV shows. I got tired of randomly searching for premiere dates so I decided to build something that reminds me all the premiere dates I care about.

I built Tv Premiere Alert which sends email reminders on the premiere days of your selected TV shows. The list of series and premiere dates are constantly updated, making sure you never miss the premiere dates and you don’t have to spend precious time looking for this information.

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Cool images + Press kit

Added some images here and also a link to our press kit, who knows these days.

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